Our Gospel Works

gospel work2Gospel is being announced in villages, towns and cities through gospel meetings.Brother has shared the gospel in about five hundred convention meetings in India and aboard. God is confirming His word by doing many miracles and wonders through our ministry. People have turned  to God from their sin, disease and curse through our ministry.It is note-worthy that non-Christians come in large numbers and they experience salvation in their souls and spirits and become  followers of Christ. The Lord is using Bro.K.N.Rajan mightily in such meetings. At the end of each meeting, many people repent for their sins and commit their lives to Jesus.  God has filled many with the power of The Holy Spirit. By the grace of God we do ministries such as: Conventions, revival meetings, fasting prayers, Magazines, Video CD messages in three hundred headings, Television ministry, Village ministry, Hospital ministry, Online ministry, youth camp and anointing meetings.Now Our ministries are been Webcasted by our website..Seven churches have been built by this ministry in North India. By this ministry God has ordered great revival in Kanyakumari District.Our major gospel works are :

  1. Gospel Ministry
  2. Youth Ministry
  3. Children Ministry
  4. Prayer Ministry
  5. Missionary Ministry
  6. Hospital Ministry
  7. Letter Ministry
  8. Magazine Ministry
  9. Video Ministry(CD)
  10. Television Ministry
  11. Hotline (Prayer Cell)Ministry
  12. Web Ministry
  13. Online (Prayer Cell)Ministry
  14. Live Web Casting Ministry