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I was born on June 1972, in a traditional Hindu family. I was named Nagarajan and was brought up very strictly under the norms of Hindu religion. I completed my diploma in a Polytechnic College and was working for a company in Chennai. I got addicted to drinking habits and was living a life without peace. Besides these, the owner of the house in which I was living in Chennai was a Christian. They used to go to a spiritual church for worship. Songs of Fr. Berchmans will be heard always in their house. I felt those songs were bringing peace within me. The pastor of that church visits their house quite often to pray. They would tell about the love of Lord Jesus Christ to me, but I used to criticize them and argue on their talks. Somehow by the inspiration given by the Pastor and my owner’s family I started to go to church. I understood the bible truths and believed Jesus is God. But I did not leave my sins, it was still in my life. In this situation I was transferred to Tuticorin. I started to go to a spiritual church in that locality. One day, the Sunday service in that church , was conducted by some Youngsters from Kenya, the messages they delivered and the miracles which happened was a turning point in my life.

During that service I surrendered myself fully. I went back to my room, where I was staying, knelt down, confessed all my sins and started to pray to the Almighty asking to forgive all my sins. That time I saw the vision of Jesus on the cross(the vision of Gethsemane), I could see an angel taking the blood flowing from the body of Jesus and bringing towards me, I felt like he was pouring that blood on me. At the same time I heard a voice telling “My son, your sins have been forgiven”. From that day on I took a determination that I would live for God. I got baptized and was anointed by the power of the Holy’s Spirit. In this situation when Pastors prayed for me they said that ” I would do the God’s ministries very mightily ”. They prophesized that I will do the ministry in the same place where I was born and brought up. One day I asked God in prayer as why he speaks wit me through evangelists instead of speaking directly with me.

God showed me few visions and told me that I have to go to my home town and do ministries. He said “I will make churches using you, I will bring revival to India through you, I will use you mightily around the whole world”. He said all these things directly to me. Not only these, he said that I have to do full time ministries after my marriage.In May 1999, I got married in a spiritual church in midst of spiritual pastors. Within a few days after my marriage, one night when I was praying, God spoke to me, he asked me to do full time ministries. At once I obeyed to the word of the Lord and we decided to conduct Sunday service in one room in my house.The first day we started the service with my family members and nearly 30 other people. After the service was over my house looked like a death house because none of my family members liked me doing full time ministry.

In this situation I had to hear many unwanted and hurting words from my family members and outsiders. People started to tell that I chose to do ministry because I could live life easily without working. Since I took up ministry in full time I could not go for any other work and I had no source of income. We suffered a lot as we did not even have any source to get food. Thinking of this situation of poverty when my wife was crying I looked upon to the Lord and started praying. At that time the Holy’s spirit prophesized through me as” Your state of poverty has changed. You will feed plenty of people, not only that I will make you well known in the nation”.As the Lord said, I am a Pastor of a church with 4000 members and he uses me mightily in many deliverance conventions and camps .

How was the ministry named “Jesus Does Miracles”?

When a group of people were praying together, a lady among them got anointed for the first time. The Lord prophesized this name “Jesus Does Miracles” through her.

What has Brother studied in order to take up this ministry?

Initially when we started the ministry many people advised me to study in a theological college so that I would gain knowledge about the Bible. But when I asked The Lord he just asked me to wait in his presence and told “I the Holy’s Spirit will be your teacher”. I did not go to any theological college but still I preach with the wisdom given by the Holy’s Spirit.

How did I get to know Evangelists?

During the initial stage of my ministry I used to pray to The Lord asking for spiritual leader. The Lord replied looking at me ”At the right time I will make you get in contact with spiritual people who strive for the revival of the nation”. As he said I got in contact with Bro. Mohan C Lazarus , Bro. Augustine Jeyakumar, Fr. Berchmans, Pastor L. Joseph, Bro. Joseph T Carl, Bro. G.P.S. Robinson, Bro. Judson Abraham and many more. By God’s grace we also did ministries together.

Moral support given by God to accomplish the vision:

During the initial stage of our ministries I would clean the place, lay down mats, sing and preach, all alone by myself. One day the Lord said that he will give young people like angels to help me accomplish our vision. As he said he has given us plenty of youngsters, brothers and sisters to help us in our vision.

What has “Jesus Does Miracles” ministries done so far?

Thousands of people have experienced salvation through this ministry. Hundreds of people have been anointed. Hundreds of ministers have been created. 7 churches in North India has been built. We help 27 missionaries in North India every month.

Why is “Jesus Does Miracles” ministry growing?

“ Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5)
We don’t try to imitate what other ministries or people tell or do. The Lord tells me what we have to do and so we do accordingly. This is how our ministries have been growing day by day.
Advice which I would like to give to people who are doing ministries and those who wish to do ministries in their future:
Just wait in the presence of the Lord and get to know what exactly he wants you to do and then when you know what you should do, start working sincerely on it. The Lord will do great things using you.